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Past Episodes


Cast Photos and Bios: Prinion

Played by Kumari D'Shay

Prinion has the power to see things about people after she touches them. After finding out that her father is not her biological father...  Read full bio »


Cast Photos and Bios: Jared

Played by Thomas Bartley Jr.

Jared has the power of influence. He questions whether his gift is a special power and resists meeting any of the others in the group...  Read full bio »


Cast Photos and Bios: Leonardo

Played by Tony Faudale

Leonardo has the ability to will things into existence. After wishing death upon his brother in a heated argument, his brother dies...  Read full bio »


Cast Photos and Bios: Alexis

Played by Cori Dioquino

Alexis has the power to see things before it happens. Her relationship with her best friend Prinion becomes strained after she admits...  Read full bio »

Beyond City Limits

Prinion, Leonardo, Alexis, Javier, and Jared are five high school students from very different walks of life, each confronted with their own personal obstacles.

As diverse as this group may be, they unwittingly discover a commonality that will forever bind them and push them Beyond City Limits.